When the industrial revolution came there was more orientation on building businesses, focus on money, creating jobs and lives were more scheduled.

These are all masculine qualities: goal oriented, single focused, straight to the point.

While feminine energy is more about creativity, flow, connection, process oriented.

They are very opposite but also complementary.

Today the western society is mostly based on the masculine energy. And it is also represented in women. 

Since the era of the feminism in the ’60’s women fought for their rights. And thank god they did, so women can develop themselves in other area’s then in the past.

But it evolved in this misconception that a woman has to live in the same way as a man. 

Men and women are equal but they are not the same. They are not wired the same way. 

Due to the production of different hormones that have a different effect on the brain. 

Women thrive on oxytocin and men on testosteron. 

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone, the hormone of connection. Testosteron is the hormone of achievement and performance. 

But when women have a carriere, have children, a household to maintain, social life…

There is so much on their plate that they also create testosteron in their body. On a much higher level then is healthy for them. 

Because they have the feeling that they are fulfilling tasks and to do’s instead of what feels good to them naturally: connecting and creating. 

And you can’t produce high levels of oxytocin if you already have high levels of testosteron. 

The result: high levels of testosteron in a woman’s body creates STRESS. 

Ladies, we need to get back to our SOURCE OF ENERGY.

We are not a man and we need to stop acting like a man. 

It exhaust a woman. Because it is not the right fit.


There are many ways, but one I would like to suggest today is: do the things you do in a feminine way. Instead of focusing on the goals you want to reach, focus on the experience and the proces.

Focus on the sensations of your body. Live in the here and now.


The here and now is felt by our body. 

How does the wind through the leaves sound?

How does my banana taste?

What sounds do I observe right now?

What emotion do I feel right now?

Don’t think about the next thing.

Don’t think about the result of what you are doing. 

Instead focus on how it feels WHEN you are DOING/EXPERIENCING it. 

Focus on the connection you feel with the people around you. 

Focus on your surroundings and how it makes you feel. 

We live in a society with merely masculine energy. ‘The world’ is going to pull you back out of your feminine energy spontaneously. It will bombard you again with ‘should’s’, to do’s, goals and results.

So BEING AWARE and MAKING CONSCIOUS decisions is the only way to return to your feminine energy. 

Doing the same thing but now focusing on the EXPERIENCE.

I will give you a practical EXERCISE to try this out.

Fix 3 moments in your day (maybe set a reminder on your phone) to stop what you are doing. 

To focus on your EXPERIENCE and how it FEELS.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do I feel?
  2. How does my body feel?
  3. What do I hear right now?
  4. What do I see around me now? 

Explore this for a few minutes.

When this exercise is done, don’t jump back into your masculine energy by rushing from one task to the next. 

Be mindful to stay in your feminine energy. 

*Little secret* Your to do list will never be finished. There will always be a next thing. The feeling you are craving for doesn’t exist. 

So you could just as well enjoy what you are doing. Aaaaand maybe it even goes more supple and smoother this way because you don’t get exhausted and burnt out on the way. 

I feel honored to inspire you!

Let me know how this went for you X