Have you ever thought about yourself as a Goddess, a Queen? Does that sound like something for legends and fairytales?




How do you look at yourself? What do you tell yourself?


Let me show you why you don’t have to leave it for the story books and even more important, why it makes you feel beautiful, relaxed AND in your power!


The image that you have about yourself, how you see yourself in your minds eye, gives constant messages to your subconscious. This image gives you a certain feeling about yourself and your reality. And feelings motivates us. Feelings are provoked by thoughts and images. 


If you where a Goddess, how would you look like? How would you carry yourself? How would you talk to people? Would you eat different foods? How would you talk to your partner or the cashier at the supermarket?


I bet you would do a lot of things differently. A Goddess doesn’t snooze for an hour, doesn’t stuff something in her mouth before she jumps into her car and rushes of to work. That’s not how a Goddess would act.


A Goddess is gentle, but powerful. She treats herself well and she doesn’t let people walk all over her. She loves her life and the people in it.

She doesn’t do thing she really doesn’t like. She has certain gifts and talents and she uses them to bring more positivity into the world. You start feeling what I mean?


Maybe to get into it, you can look up some pictures of Godesses and see what appeals to you. You can start by appearance. What do you love? Long, dark hair? How is she dressed? Feminine, sensual, soft colors? Or vibrant colors? Trust your intuition! Don’t let your mind take over. For intuition applies: your first impression is always right.


Now, take this image and close your eyes. Make it yours. This is you. See yourself going about your day. See yourself, as the Goddess that you are, live a day out of your life. See the people that are in your life. How would you do things as a Goddess? Feel it! This is the most important part. Feelings are power, feelings are creators and motivators. Keep that in mind.

Chances are that you discover how many things you do in a way that don’t support this image, this feeling of divinity. This awareness is freedom! Because now you can choose how you do want to do it.



There are two steps if you want to manifest something into your life.



Step one is that you have an image with a strong feeling attached to it.

Focus on this image 5 minutes after you wake up and when you go to sleep. Get in touch with the emotions that it evokes in your body. Bathe in them.


Step two is putting it into action.

Be aware of your actions and your thoughts. Act as if this is already true. Change them if it doesn’t pair your Goddess vision. This sounds to easy, right? But change in itself is very natural. Your part is being aware and persist in your thoughts and actions. Then change will occur.


Start off easy and start small. This way you can feel successful about the changes you made and keep feeling motivated.



Let me walk you through a routine that will help you get started. When you wake up, have 5 minutes to focus on your Goddess Vision. Get into the feeling of you as a Goddess. Let your mind get soaked in it. Breath consciously. Remind yourself of this vision with pictures in your house, affirmations written down on a whiteboard or on post-it’s in the bathroom.


Sit down and look at your day. What doesn’t match up with this image? Your clothing style, the food you choose, some ‘friends’, the way you take care of your body, your evening activities, the words you use? Be honest but gentle with yourself. Then if you have your list, pick one. One thing where you want to start with.


Remember, you start easy. Maybe you want to get up earlier so you don’t have to rush through your morning. You want divinity, right? Set up your alarm clock earlier. Choose your clothes the night before. Have breakfast stalled out already. Whatever you must do, just do it. And repeat it, until it’s a habit. Then go to the next point on your list.


The most important part in this story is the feeling from your image. That is your main investment. A lot of methods are based on behavior. That will never work for long. Why? Because thought is the source of manifestation.


Thoughts provoke feelings, feelings motivate behavior.



If you try to tinker on behavior, that’s like trying to stop a moving car in the street. That will never work (and it will hurt). The engine is the emotion. Thoughts are the fuel. Behavior is the driving itself. The engine won’t start without fuel, right? So focus on choosing the right fuel for your engine. The rest will follow. Change happens naturally and way faster if you do it this way. I don’t believe in willpower for change. That is trying to move that driving car from the road again. It is energy draining and you will only keep it up for so long. Use your thoughts, your imagination and the hustle ends right there.


Very important: celebrate it every time you mastered a new habit. Praise yourself every time you choose your new habit over the old one. This gives you fuel. Positive energy and validation will keep you coming back and give you the energy to invest more. Don’t beat yourself up if you drop the ball. Pick it up again and keep going.


And cultivate compassion for yourself. Talk to yourself like you would to a little cute puppy who you learn to sleep on it’s cushion. You don’t yell, you don’t slang it. No, you are gentle and understanding. Apply this to yourself. Be a good mother for yourself.


Reminder: change equals repetition and persistence. 



So the Goddess in you will help you to keep bad habits away and let good ones in. This energy matches with high self esteem, confidence and pleasure. It is your guide in your process. It is your future version. This image serves as the carrot in front of the donkey. It is your focus and it will help you to keep going. This will lower your stress in a gentle and fun way. A Goddess isn’t stressed (for long). She has her challenges, but she will never agonize herself for it. She will face it but in grace and with power.


You can expand your daily routine by adding these mindful, healthy morning routine ideas: check my blogpost or video about this topic. 


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