I love to take you with me on my healthy morning routine ideas.

A healthy morning routine is a series of activities that you do in a certain way to

  1. create positive energy
  2. focus on the here and now
  3. manifest the things that are important to you
  4. be more aware of your body

I will give you the suggestion of my personal morning routine, but you can choose your own version. But for people who don’t know where to start, this can help you on the way.

Morning routine step 1 : Wake up mindfully

 Get an idea of what you do when you normally wake up. Most of the time you immediately start thinking ahead or back in time: to do’s, that meeting, that argument yesterday…

This sets the energy of the day. So now, you can start your day by just opening your eyes and be still for a few moments. Be aware that a new day has begun, that you are lying in your bed, of your breath and your body.

Morning routine step 2: 10-minute meditation

 The kind of meditation that you choose can depend on your body or your mind’s situation. If you notice a lot of chatter in the mind, you can go for a mindfulness meditation like, the Focused breathing meditation. When your body feels tense, a bodyscan is a good choice.

If you feel that a certain area of your body is asking for attention or if you have been struggling with a challenge you can choose to do a chakra meditation.

Don’t make it longer than 10 minutes to start, it will keep you motivated. When your morning routine is a habit, you can increase the time of mediation if you like. Do you like to know more about the importance if mediation? Read my blogpost about it how to get started with mindfulness or watch my video about the effects of meditation on your happiness.


Morning routine step 3: 30 minutes of yoga 

 I love yoga because I really can adapt it to my needs. There are all sorts of yoga in all kinds of intensity and purpose.

So I start by tuning into my body and noticing how I feel right now. And what I need at this point in regards of movement.

When you feel tired or sore, you can choose for yoga stretches or kundalini yoga. If you need some energy released from your body, vinyasa or power yoga will give you access to that. You can also add this stress relief exercise to get rid of negative energy.

Important note is that a routine doesn’t imply that you need to do a certain activity in a certain amount of time.

Routine doesn’t mean rigidity. It is a structure for you to fall back on. But from there you always align with what you need and feel at that moment. And be willing to switch it up to better meet your needs.

Morning routine step 4: Body care

 Now you are ready for some body care. Get rid of some toxins by doing some dry brushing and taking a shower.

Be aware of your senses. Your senses keep you in the moment and provide with loads of pleasure! So pay attention to them. And when your mind wanders of, bring your attention back.

Feel the temperature of the water, the sensations of it running down your body, the sounds of the water… Express your gratitude to be able to have warm, running water and a bathroom to get yourself ready for the day.

What I also recommend is putting on some affirmations videos from Youtube for example, about beliefs you want reprogram yourself with. Even if you aren’t actively listening, your subconscious will soak the information up.

Morning routine step 5: Journalling

Journalling is daily writing positive affirmations as if your life is already like you want it to be.

So it is in the present tense and in positive statements. Write about 2 pages every day. An easy way to start is to first write down your negative beliefs. Tune into what is a challenge for you at this moment. This is the springboard for your subject.

Look at your negative beliefs and then turn them around into positive ones

You can find a step by step guide here on how to spot your negative thinking distortions. Important is to respect your resistance. You can recognize resistance by writing down an affirmation and feel if you are able to believe it or not.

Let’s try the example of relationships. You want to have a happy relationship, but you are not right there at the moment. If you have to believe it is easy for you to get this, it can rise resistance inside you. Then you know you have to go lower.

See that there is a distance between the place where you are right now and the place you want to be.


And you divide that distance into little steps. You can only take so many steps until you reach resistance. Then that is the place where you hold for now and practice on making that your reality. For example: I am learning more and more about healthy relationships and that is something I am happy about.

Then when you made it your reality, there is no more resistance to that because you see that it is true. Now you are ready to take the next step and create a new affirmation. For example: I now am attracting interesting and positive men/women in my life and that feels so good.

Do you see what is happening? You don’t affirm about the end destination because that creates to much resistance. You take one step so you feel no resistance. And then it is easier to believe and easier to feel good about it.

This is my video on my healthy morning routine suggestion, if you rather watch it instead. I have so much fun with it, it makes me feel good and focused. Ofcourse you are free to take it an inspiration and make it your own.

Comment or if you have questions, let me know and I will get back to you!

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