Do you ever feel stressed because you don’t know the right answers? Or you are not certain what are the choices you need to make to move forward in a particular situation in life?

We all deal with this in one way or another. Personally, I’ve felt like this in the past many, many times. At times, I had certain choices to make or life questions that needed an answer and I didn’t know what to choose or what direction to take. And that stressed me out.

When it gets to that point, where can you begin?


The problem with the way we deal with stress

The problem is, we always want to solve stress with our mind. But if we keep trying to solve stress with our mind, we’ll never find the answer.


Why? Because our mind doesn’t think in many shades of grays – it thinks in black and white. Therefore, your mind will bounce back and forth from one option to another, and at the end of the day neither option will seem like the correct answer.

Why does this happen? Because our mind is not in tune with our EMOTIONS. And our emotions are the real messages in life.


To get in touch with the path we need to take, we need to get in touch

with our emotions.

More specifically, what we are really looking for, is to get in touch with our intuition, and our emotions are the messengers of our intuition so by knowing what our emotions are we can gain access to our intuition.


And where can we find our intuition? We find it in ourselves, within you and in your physical body. Pay attention to your emotions expressing all over your body.


When you get in touch with your body, you get in touch

with your intuition.

And your intuition actually knows which path to take, which answers are right, and which choices you can make. All this information will be delivered to us in words, sentences, images and emotions.

But we can only be aware of these things with a calm mind.

How to train your mind to be calm


As kids we are taught how things are supposed to be done, eventually we get to a point where we are able to do all this things without even thinking about it, and we start operation on auto-mode.


Have you ever driven in your car, gotten to the destination, and thought, why can’t I remember how I got here? You were basically driving on autopilot, not really thinking of what you were doing so you are not able to remember whether or not you took a certain street, or any other detail about the drive.

You know how to drive, so your mind gets bored and because the mind will always try to fix and solve problems, it will immediately start to think about the problems you need to solve, small things like dealing with the laundry or getting to an appointment on time, and eventually it goes to the bigger tasks and problems that quickly turn into a source of stress.

The things is, our minds will always produces thoughts. And that’s okay. The goal is not to stop the mind from producing thoughts, instead we need to train our minds to be calm.

And the way we do that is by letting our thoughts take their course and making a conscious decision whether or not we will follow a certain thought.

Whenever you do something automatically (most things in life are done this way), your mind gets the chance to wander. To avoid this we need to train ourselves on how to focus on things we do from moment to moment and become present.

Learn to focus on one thing, and one thing only.

Start by directing your focus to specific things you do throughout the day. For instance, if you are eating, focus on the taste, the texture, the temperature of your food. How it feels to digest or swallow your food.


We take those things for granted because we feel and experience them on a daily basis.


It’s important that you train your mind to direct your attention where YOU decide it to go. If your mind decides for you, your attention will most likely go to your problems.

The reason our minds immediately go to our problems whenever we leave our guard down lies in the fact that the mind is intended to fix practical problems, but unfortunately, it thinks it can solve emotional or life problems as well.


The mind can not solve emotional problems, so we should not be listening to it when it tries to do so.


You have to know when to listen to your mindand when to to tell your mind to stop.


Meditation and calming the mind

To meaningfully create that state of calmness in our mind we need to learn to meditate and develop a consistent practice that will allows to be present and focused.  


When you meditate that is exactly what you are doing, you focus on a single thing like your breath, or a body part, a flower a candle. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to focus on, what it really matters is that you focus in only ONE thing to be able to teach yourself how to direct your thoughts on what you choose to.


Through meditation you can create calmness in your mind and when your mind is clear, then your intuition can be heard. It can be experienced.


Your intuitions has a lot of things to say to you, but if there’s no room in your mind you will not be able to notice it.

But, what is intuition?


Intuition can be referred to in many ways, inner wisdom, higher self, but what it really comes down to is that your intuition is a part of you that knows all about your past, knows about what is important for you in the future, and has the energy and ability to show you what you should do next.


Intuition is that wise part of ourselves that becomes easy to hear once you’ve achieved mental clarity.


It will show up and communicate to you through dreams, feelings, words, or even sayings that come up in your mind out of nowhere. There are many ways your intuition will send you sings and try to communicate with you and the only two things you really need to do are:

  1. Create mental clarity
  2. Trust your intuition when it comes.

At this point you might be thinking this can not be real, it might seem impossible. It’s absolutely normal to feel this way. I’ve had these kind of thoughts run through my head as well. But trust me when I tell you that when you really start to pay attention you’ll be able to distinguish an intuitive impression from a random thought.

A perfect example of this thinking process is when you meet someone new and you immediately know you don’t trust them without an apparent reason. Your mind is not who’s deciding this, how can your mind possibly know anything about this stranger you just met?  


That right there is your intuition talking to you, even if you can’t see it. Intuition communicates from a spiritual place with all the information that is important for you.  


Intuition can not be seen, it can only be felt.


You might not think of yourself as a spiritual person, but it’s important to stay open minded and you will notice that once we are able to get in contact with our intuition, making choices and moving forward becomes so much easier.

In retrospect, meditation will be your best ally in getting in contact with your intuition, in this calmed, focused state of mind you’ll be able to ask any question circling in your head and quickly you’ll receive the right answers and the guidance you need to move forward in life.

If you want to build a meditation practice that you’ll be able to fallow start with 5 minutes a day and build it up form there. Aim to meditate, when you are the most relaxed thought out the day, that is right after you wake up or before you go to sleep, this will also help you stick to your practice since you are connecting it  to something you already do.




Your intuition is your life guide; be open minded and pay attention to it.


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