The reason why you feel so stressed and uptight in the evening is because you didn’t ‘check’ in with yourself during the day. 

Every time something stressful happens to you, your cortisol level (stress hormone) spikes in your blood. 

This brings a chain reaction in your body: the fight or flight respons. Your body prepares to fight or flee from the danger. 

That is a very healthy reaction. This is not the problem. 

The problem is you don’t know how to switch this reaction back off. 

I call it being in danger mode. Your mind translates every negative thought as a threat.

It goes automatically to the fight or flight respons and stays there until you give your mind and body the command that it is not necessary anymore, because it is safe again.

But your mind is a very stubborn thing and it doesn’t switch to safety mode just because you say it once. 

Stress management is all about repetition.

Look at it as an overprotective parent that sees his child playing near a pond. It makes you hyper alert for every move it makes and you want to get it away from the water. 

Just because someone tells you it is safe and nothing can happen, you will not believe this person just like that!

You want to be SURE that your child is safe and you stay tense and argus-eyed until your child is safe back there with you.

Your mind does the exact same thing. It stays vigilant until it has been convinced a 100 times that it is safe to go into safety mode.

To help you with this I got two suggestions for you: 

1. I want to share a stress relief routine with you where I explain in 7 minutes what you can do when you come home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-ZYYjFTPRc

2. The breathing break! Magical little exercise to implement during your day to drop the cortisol levels that wolf your energy so impudent: https://theburnoutacademy.teachable.com/p/free-guide-to-handle-burnout-with-your-breath

Let me know how these exercises went for you! Send me a message or comment below.

Love to hear from you!