The entire pharmaceutical industry is based upon eliminating body signals and pains. From the moment we experience discomfort, our first reaction is to make it go away.


They are unwanted and unpleasant. We do not want to have anything to do with it.But there is a serious lack of knowledge on the function of body signals that causes this reaction. They are not wrong or disturbing, but just a way of showing that emotional traumas are still remaining in the body.


Why is that important?


Because we get off track with our needs and desires if we do not listen to our emotions.

If we leave our emotions the space and freedom to exist, then illnesses and discomforts never have to stand up.

Disease is preceded by an alarm phase. This phase arises after experiencing an emotional shock. Deep and intense emotions are released but are usually not processed at that moment because they are too complex. As a result, your body shoots into alarm mode. It interprets this as danger.

Stress hormones drive through your body and make your body hyper alert to the potential danger. Your body wants to protect you by preventing a potential new shock.

When you start to unwind from your experience, the accumulated emotions begin to manifest in your body in the form of emotional and psychical pain. That way you know where you need to be to understand and let them go.


This is a natural process fully embedded in our ingrained biological survival processes. If we want to recover from the shock experience, we simply have to learn to be ill and endure pain. Get to know the pain that it brings along and give it space. Waiting and allowing it to happen. Not immediately cling on remedies to make it better.

Because then you interrupt the healing process and you bring yourself back to the alarm phase.


I learned to see disease in a whole new way


Since I learned about the German New Medicine by Ryke Geerd Hamer and many others, this changed! I learned to see this dis-ease as a symptom, a message from my body. And not be afraid of it.


I started talking to my body


I even gave her a name: Flame. Every time I wake up with a soar throat, I tell my body that I believe in her, that she is able to handle this. And I ask her what she wants to tell me. I focus on the sensation of pain in my body and look for the emotion beneath it. This technique is called focusing (by Gendlin).

By contacting the emotion, you automatically are lead to it’s message. Your emotions just want one thing: that you get the message and then their mission is fulfilled. And then they leave. It’s just that simple.

If you don’t experience your emotions, they will be freezed and stored somewhere relevant in your body. The place of pain is never a coincidence. You can read about the metaphysical symptoms in the book You can heal your life by Louise Hay.

Ironically, illness is recovery from an emotional pain. When we accept this truth, than it is a lot easier for us to allow and understand the pain. The moment you understand, your ‘symptoms’ will change.


Acceptance doesn’t mean that you are a victim


Acceptance is a choice! A choice to get into your power. The power of letting go and understand your situation right now. Let go of fighting. I once read in The journey by Brandon Bay that when you don’t accept your situation, it looks like you are in the middle of the ocean. Scared to drawn. And in the corner of your eye you see a big log. All panicky you start to splash around to get it. So, it drifts further and further away.

The moment you let go of your panic, you relax. And the log is flowing back to you. If you let it, at some point you will feel the wood touching your arm and you can just hold it.

You want to learn more?


I highly recommend to read Louise Hay and Brandon Bay! You will be lead into a fascinating world that enables you to be the master of your life and body.

Let me know what your thought are about this topic. I know a lot of people feel big resistance to it. But it is actually freedom!


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